Traditional Balmoral Kilt 13oz - Custom Made to Order

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8-10 Weeks
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The Balmoral Traditional kilt is for Scotsmen who want to represent their clan heritage in authentic style. Handcrafted from 8 yards of 13oz tartan by our expert kiltmakers here in Barrie. It features an eye-catching pattern in your family's unique tartan. Pleats are set precisely to the sett or stripe in the traditional way. It comes with two or three leather straps to customize the fit, a hand sewn inside pocket, and full lining of durable heavy canvas. 


  • 100% Handsewn
  • Pleated to the sett or the stripe
  • 2 or 3 leather straps with buckles
  • 4" belt loops
  • Full lining with heavy canvas
  • A personal label
  • A hand sewn pocket on the inside of the apron

Whether you wear it to the Highland games, a friend's wedding, everyday, or an annual Burns Night this kilt allows you to honor your Scottish roots in a timeless and meaningful way.

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Don't see your tartan? Contact us and we will search for it. We also offer a tartan design service and can have custom tartans woven. Contact us for more information.

Please note:  Custom made/bespoke items are excluded from the returns policy  except when a genuine defect has been identified

Please note: The maximum over all length for single piece of tartan is 27" over all. For over 27" length an additional piece of tartan will be added to the kilt waist band. 

This item is made to order with a fulfillment time of 8-10 weeks. 

Traditional 8 Yard Balmoral