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How to Measure for a Kilt

If you need help measuring please call us toll-free at 1-877-828-3232 (North America) or


Use a soft (not metal) measuring tape.  Double check.  Keep a record


W ________ Natural Waist:  Between rib cage and top of hip bone...often just above  navel.
                   When bending to the side, it's the spot that indents or creases. 
                   The measuring tape should be level when viewed from the side.
                   Kilts are worn higher than jeans and the measurement will be larger than jeans size.

H ________  Hip/Seat: Measure loosely at the broadest point.

L  ________  Length: Stand straight. Don't look down. Have helper measure from the Natural waist  
                   to the desired point on the knees. Mid-knee at the longest. Top of the knee cap at shortest.

*__________Total Finished Kilt Length = Length measurement (above)  and then add 2" for the rise .
                    For example  21" plus 2" rise equals 23" Total finished Kilt Length.
                   To be sure, you can fold a towel to the above total kit length, hold it against your body, 
                   and look in a full length mirror to see if that length looks good .

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