Crail Jacket & Kilt Rental Package $129.00

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Get ready to make a bold and stylish statement at your next special event with the Crail Jacket & Kilt Rental Package. This sophisticated and versatile attire is sure to have all eyes on you!

This Rental Package includes:   

  • Charcoal grey Crail jacket & matching 5-button vest for a polished, tailored look
  • Kilt and matching Garter Flashes  (Choose from among 9 tartans)
  • Your choice of Black Bowtie or Ruche Tie 
  • Formal or Semi-formal Sporran
  • Replica Sgian Dubh
  • Kilt Pin
  • Leather Ghillie Brogue Shoes


Make an unforgettable impression as you stride into the room in this iconic Scottish garb. The Crail jacket cuts a trim, refined figure, while the kilt allows you to honor your heritage and connect with your roots. Accessories like the sgian dubh and sporran inject old-world charm into a stylish modern outfit. Whether you're the guest of honor at a wedding or hosting a formal event, this versatile rental package ensures you'll look and feel your best.

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