Bilt Kilt Black Twill Utility Kilt

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Are you looking for a multi use utility Kilt? They are made of heavy-duty black twill material and are very durable.


  • Rampant Lion Buttons: High Quality Pewter Buttons are used on the Hybrid Kilt to fasten pockets and for decoration.
  • Pockets: Kilts traditionally do not have pockets but Bilt Kilts do. Functional pockets on the side with your tartan.
  • Made in Canada: All Bilt Kilts are made in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
  • Authentic Scottish & Irish Tartans: All tartans we use are woven in Scotland with 100% worsted wool.
  • Traditional or Contemporary Fit: We will make your kilt so its comfortable on you. Wear it where you wear pants (Contemporary Fit) or up around the belly button (Traditional Fit) like traditional kilts.
Hybrid Utility Kilts