Ulster Red Light Weight


Reiver 10oz Tartan Fabric, sold by the metre, 150cm wide

Ulster Red Light Weight Tartan. This is one of two Ulster tartans, the other being of similar design but in a combination of browns and golds, both tartans are readily available. The existing provinces of Ireland can be traced back to kingdoms in the fifth century ruled by "Ri Coicid" or Kings of a Fifth, indicating that there were originally five kingdoms or provinces, Connaucht, Leinster, Meath, Munster and Ulster. Eventually the five became four covering the principal religious spheres of influence, with Meath being absorbed by Leinster. Ulster has had its history greatly influenced by population movement both natural and induced. During the Roman occupation of mainland Britain, the Romans referred to the Irish as "The Scotti". When the Romans left the Scotti, through raiding sorties, settled the north western part of Britain, hence the name Scotland. By the 16th century the flow was reversed. Following the Irish defeats by Lord Mountjoy, protestants from Scotland and England were given the confiscated lands with the instruction to remove the indigenous population.

This an Irish Tartan.

Light Weight 10oz