Pringle Clan History Book

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It is one of the oldest surnames still to be found in the Scottish Borders, and the often turbulent history of bearers of the name of Pringle is inextricably linked with the hills, valleys, and rivers of their ancient home territory.
With the motto of ‘I will try all the time’, generations of Pringles have contributed to not only the cause of Scotland’s freedom, but have thrived, and continue to thrive, to the present day.
In the world of medicine, Sir John Pringle, born in Kelso in 1707, was the British army surgeon who in 1743, during the War of the Austrian Succession, sowed the seeds for what would become the world-renowned organisation the International Red Cross.
A friend of the explorer Captain James Cook, he also discovered ways of preventing scurvy among sailors, and there is a monument to his memory in Westminster Abbey.
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