Traditional Edinburgh Kilt 13oz MacDuff Modern Hunting

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The Edinburgh kilt is our signature name for our mid range bespoke kilt. Made in house by our expert kiltmakers using 8 yards of the finest 13oz worsted wool tartan woven in Scotland.  The Edinburgh kilt is 90% hand sewn with machine sewing of the buckles, belt loops, top of the lining and the waistband.  The kilt is made with a heavy canvas and full lining for extra protection and durability.  It's a great kilt for all kinds of events and recommended to anyone looking for an affordable 8 yard kilt that will last a lifetime and look great.


  • Pleated to the sett or the stripe
  • 2 or 3 leather straps with buckles
  • 4" belt loops
  • Full lining with heavy canvas
  • Available in over 500 tartans
  • A personal label
  • A hand sewn pocket on the inside of the apron

Measurements of the Traditional MacDuff Modern Hunting kilt.

Waist = 34.25"
Hips   = 41.5"
Length = 22 + 2
Cloth = 13oz
Buckles = 2

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