Traditional Edinburgh Kilt 10oz

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4-6 Weeks
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Our Traditional Edinburgh kilts are made in house by our expert kiltmakers using 8 yards of 100% wool tartan woven in Scotland.  Edinburgh kilts are 90% hand sewn with machine sewing of the buckles, belt loops, top of the lining and the waistband. These 10 oz, light weight kilts are also known as hiking or walking kilts and are ideal for wearing to sporting or social events.   

  • Pleated to the sett or the stripe
  • 2 or 3 leather straps with buckles
  • 4" belt loops
  • Full lining with heavy canvas
  • Available in over 500 tartans
  • A personal label

Please note: custom made/bespoke items are excluded from the returns policy except for when a genuine defect has been identified.

This item is made to order with a fulfillment time of 8-10weeks. Due to a high volume of orders, delays are to be expected.

Traditional 8 Yard