Crail Russet Tweed Jacket

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Crail Jacket and Waistcoat 100% Pure New Wool. Single button featuring Prince Charlie cuffs, plaited epaulettes and five-button high-neck waistcoat, both trimmed with imitation staghorn buttons.

 This jacket goes great with any kilt!



  • Both arms must be relaxed down to the side.
  • Where possible, this is best measured with a formal jacket on.
  • The measurement is from the crown to cuff (where the sleeve meets the shoulder to the bottom of the cuff).
  • Ensure this is not too long as some shirt cuff should be exposed.
  • We can reasonably predict your sleeve length from your height and will call you to discuss if necessary.
  • If you do not have a jacket to measure, measure from the top of your shoulder down to 1/2 inch past the wrist bone.
  • Sleeve guide: 23.5" - Short Fitting, 24.75" - Regular Fitting, 26.5" - Long Fittings (* Sleeve lengths may vary slightly between garments - ask for details)
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