Premium Casual Kilt 13oz 5 Yard Irvine Ancient

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Our Premium Casual kilts are fully machine sewn in Barrie Ontario by our expert kilt makers.  They are made with 5 yards of 100% worsted wool from Scotland and can be ordered in over 500 different tartans. The Pleats on a casual kilt are balanced to give the best appearance.  Premium Casual Kilts make a great everyday kilt with all of the tradition of your clan tartan at a lower price. 


  • Made from quality 16oz worsted wool from Scotland
  • Made with 5 yards of fabric
  • 2 Leather straps & buckles with 2.5" belt loops
  • Lining inside but no canvas
  • Available in over 500 tartans
  • 100% Machine sewn

Measurements of the Irvine Ancient Premium Casual kilt. 

Waist = 39.5" 
Hips   = 45"
Full Length = 26.5 
Buckles  = 2
Pleated to the Sett

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