13oz Premium Casual Kilt

KKCBR 5 yard
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Your ancestors would be proud!

A casual kilt is a machined garment with pleats on the back. The Pleats on a casual kilt are balanced. The Kilt is not pleated to the sett or the stripe unless you request more cloth. This kilt is a great way to introduce you into wearing a kilt in your clan or district tartan.



  • Made from quality worsted wool in 13 ounces from Lochcarron of Scotland
  • Amount of material used on a standard hips (up to 46”) is 4 yards of fabric
  • 2 Leather straps & buckles with 2.5" belt loops
  • Lining inside but no canvas
  • Available in over 500 tartans
  • Option to add an extra yard to add more pleats and swing
  • 100% Machine sewn

* The kilt maker will decide if this is possible at the time of cutting, all tartans are different. *